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Wouldn't you love to eliminate your errand to the dry cleaner? Now you can! JJ's Dry Cleaners will save you time and money by picking up and delivering your clothes to your home or office at no additional charge.
  • What are the Bag and Hook for? All of our delivery customers receive a free 2-in-1 denier bag and a door hook. The bag serves as a cover for your garments and also as a hamper for your dirty clothes.

    Fill up your bag with dirty clothing and household items. Place it on your front porch (or other designated area) for easy pick up. Your garments will be returned in another clean bag and hung on the door hook that was provided to you.
  • How do I pay? For convenience, we safely and electronically encrypt and save either a credit or debit card on account. Each time items are dropped off at your location you will be charged for the items we delivered.
  • Is my payment information safe? Absolutely! Your card is electronically kept on account. Your card is also encrypted and not visible - your card is only distinguished by the last four digits.
  • Where can I find my receipts? You can find the history or your transactions and print receipts in your account settings here.
  • What is the barcode used for? The barcodes we use are a state-of-the-art system designed to help track, customize and organize your garments. Think of each barcode as a license plate for your clothing or household item.
  • Do I have to be home? Most customers are not home when we pickup and deliver their items. It's not a problem.
  • Are my clothes safe? You bet! Your garments are covered with a denier bag and can be conveniently left on your front door, inside the garage or behind a gate. We will always work with you to make sure you feel secure about the pickup and delivery process.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement? No. We will pick up a bag with 1 piece to 100 pieces.
  • How often are you in my area? We will come by twice a week on a set schedule. The specific days we will service your home vary depending on your neighborhood.

    Any items picked up on Monday will be delivered on Thursday. Any items picked up on Thursday will be delivered the following Monday.

    Any items picked up on Tuesday will be delivered on Friday. Any items picked up on Friday will be delivered the following Tuesday.
  • How do you handle special attention garments? We inspect every garment as it comes in and easily catch most stains. If you would like to call our attention to a particular issue, please include a note with your order with specific instructions or text us a message by replying to the text message you receive the night before pick up.
  • Who can I speak to if I have any questions? Route management hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm. Please contact Customer Service at 775-853-3232 with any questions.